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Bookings available for mobile catering, food truck, and drinks truck.

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As weddings become more and more focused on the guest experience, food and drink are the best way to ensure a memorable event.

Food Truck Catering will be a unique experience your guests won’t soon forget. For foodie couples, it’s also a chance to introduce out-of-towners to one of the best aspects of where they’re marrying. “In southern Maine, the food truck culture is such a scene,” says Selena Roy, Musette Operations Manager. “We’ve had a lot of folks whose families maybe live in Kansas or California, but they want to have a food truck at their wedding because it’s very representative of our local culture.”

Dempsey Center Challenge

Musette restaurant is closed for the summer season 2022 and now we’re focusing on our volunteer efforts for the Dempsey Center along with our mobile catering and food truck services. Both Chef Jonathan Cartwrtight and Chef Selena Roy raise money for the Dempsey Challenge – an annual run, walk, and cycle event which is the primary fundraiser for the Dempsey Center. Funds raised go directly to providing services to people impacted by cancer at no cost to them. In 2021, with the help of our amazing team & community, Jonathan, Selena, and the Musette team were able to surpass our goal of $35,000 and raised over $42,000 for the Dempsey Center. Our goal this year is $40,000. We’re training hard – probably right now! Feel free to donate to the Musette team! Thanks!


Chef Jonathan Cartwright

To know Jonathan Cartwright is to know he has an unflappable adoration for three things: His food, his cycling, and his daughters. Visiting the wonderfully bright Musette is a kismet meeting of two of the three. Food and cycling, for Jonathan, have always gone hand-in-hand. From his early days of playing hooky from school, to biking to the apple orchards of Sheffield, England, to the opening of the picturesque Cape Porpoise gastronomic brainchild known as Musette. Modern European cuisine, with playful hints of the Maine coastline offerings, accentuated by his German and Puerto Rican influence- the menu is exactly as it sounds- whatever Jonathan Cartwright would feel like eating himself.


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