We look forward to welcoming you for dinner Tuesday-Saturday from 5pm-8pm and brunch Friday-Sunday from 9am-1pm.

Bookings available for mobile catering, food truck, and drinks truck.

Contact us at Info@Musettebyjc.com

Intentional or not- The stoic yet cozy black and white exterior nooked in between the hills of Cape Porpoise is a telling metaphor that gives way to precisely what Jonathan Cartwright was looking to create when opening Musette… A place where people can come to enjoy each other’s company over incredible food that bears no expectation. Welcoming both inside and out, with a well-worn atmosphere that remains clean and crisp.

Nothing complicated, convoluted, or hard to define’ has been the entire concept of the once-was-Wayfarer. Delicious food with a simplicity that rivals even the finest of dining experiences, Musette has become a staple to Kennebunkport residents and tourists alike, creating a warm atmosphere that makes you feel right at home… even if you’re far from it! To define the cuisine is almost against Musette’s concept- because, from the start, Jonathan Cartwright wanted our food to be “exactly what he’d like to eat.” From lazy afternoon New England classics, like baked haddock and lobster rolls, to an early morning recharge like eggs benedict or Huevos Rancheros, Musette’s food is meant to hit the spot… wherever that spot may be.