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Patrick Dempsey connects Team Musette for 2023 Dempsey Challenge

Team Musette has raised more than $32,000 for the Dempsey Center since partnering. Join us for the 2023 event on September 23rd in Lewiston, Maine!

The Dempsey Challenge

Musette is proud to support the 15th annual Dempsey Challenge hosted near the Dempsey Center’s headquarters in Lewiston, Maine. The Dempsey Challenge is a run/walk/cycle event fundraiser for the Dempsey Cancer Center, founded by Maine born actor Patrick Dempsey.

On Saturday, September 23rd, Team Musette will embark upon a century cycling event to celebrate their fundraising efforts for those in our communities impacted by cancer. Funds raised go directly to providing services to people affected by cancer at no cost to them. In 2022, Dempsey Challenge participants from all over the world raised over $1.6 million dollars. This year, Musette seeks to raise even more to support the two physical Centers in Lewiston and South Portland, Maine, and their newest, virtual Center—Dempsey Connects, established in 2020. 

If you would like to connect with our community, contribute to Musette’s fundraising team, or simply explore our mission, please follow this link to our team page, Team Musette!

2023 Team Musette Captains:

Chef Selena Roy – (Support Here)

Chef Jonathon Cartwright – (Support Here)

The Dempsey Challenge offers these additional resources for fundraising efforts and inspiration:

Dempsey Center Fundraising Group on Facebook

Dempsey Challenge Strava Club

Author: Jackie Mundry (NEWS CENTER Maine)
Published: 2:35 PM EDT September 27, 2020
Updated: 6:28 PM EDT September 27, 2020

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — Many teams participate in the Dempsey Challenge each year, and just because the challenge went virtual this year, teams still came together to run, walk and bike this weekend. Including Team Musette.


Team Musette is made up of employees and friends at Musette Restaurant in Kennebunkport.


Jonathan Cartwright is the restaurant’s owner and he’s also an avid cyclist who has participated in the challenge for four years.

“The Dempsey Challenge speaks to me because of the cycling and the sporting side of it and the human element of how well they take care of them and care for people,” Cartwright said.


He added he and his team agree that fighting cancer is important for everyone to do and employees at Musette try to, “give what we can to the Dempsey Center just because it’s a cause that I think is close to our hearts and a lot of people’s hearts,” the restaurant’s manager, Selena Roy said.


The team did its ride on Saturday, some members even riding 100 miles.


And on Sunday, it was time for a run. Patrick Dempsey himself stopped by and walked a 5k with members of the team for his late mother, Amanda Dempsey, who is the inspiration for the Dempsey Center.


“In order to honor my mother, that was one thing that she would do every day and today we had a nice walk around the village,” Dempsey said.


While this year went virtual, Dempsey said the feeling of community is not lost just because participants aren’t all together.


“Little events like this have been popping up all over the state in little villages and little towns so it’s nice to see,” Dempsey said.

Team Musette has raised more than $32,000 and is hoping to get to their goal of $35,000 soon. To donate click here.