As weddings become more and more focused on the guest experience, food and drink are the best way to ensure a memorable event.

Food Truck Catering will be a unique experience your guests won’t soon forget. For foodie couples, it’s also a chance to introduce out-of-towners to one of the best aspects of where they’re marrying. “In southern Maine, the food truck culture is such a scene,” says Selena Roy, Musette Operations Manager. “We’ve had a lot of folks whose families maybe live in Kansas or California, but they want to have a food truck at their wedding because it’s very representative of our local culture.”

A food truck is also a great option for a venue that doesn’t have a traditional kitchen. If you’re hosting your reception in a field or open-air space, a private residence, or somewhere entirely non-traditional, a food truck can be a much easier and more economical fix than creating a prep space from scratch.

“Catering is such a huge part of the wedding day, so it’s a good place to do something different,” says Roy, who has helped coordinate over 50 weddings with food trucks. “I also think wedding catering can have a bad rap overall—boring dried chicken and things like that—so when food trucks came on the scene with these creative dishes, it was a natural transition.”

Food Truck Wedding FAQs
Do I need a permit to host a food truck at my event?
Special event, parking, and fire code permit requirements vary by city and county. For events on private property, you generally won’t need a permit.

What do I need to consider when it comes to parking the food truck?
If the main meal at your event will be served from a food truck, you’ll need a space that’s large enough to accommodate the truck but isn’t too far away from your guests’ tables. (It’s never a good idea to have wedding attendees trek away from the main party space to grab their food.) You’ll also need to think about venue accessibility.

How many guests does this work for?
The largest guest count Shane recommends for a single food truck is 150. For anything bigger, you’ll want to book multiple trucks to avoid excessive wait times.

Should I decorate the truck to blend in with my wedding décor?
The short answer: no. You’re likely booking the truck because it’s a fun and unique experience—lean into that! If incorporating your theme is important, try including a sign or menu beside the truck that matches your